San Antonio Tech Dads

A podcast about kids, tech, the city of San Antonio. And dad jokes.

First show of the year And Setting up Gadgets And Virtual Reality

Alan and Corey talk about Christmas, New Years, setting up new gadgets, VR headsets, and dad jokes.

8 Jan 2016 #San Antonio #Star Wars #Parents #Virtual Reality

Post-Thanksgiving and Christmas and Star Wars and More Star Wars and Helping with Homework

Our latest episode features Alan and Corey chatting about their Thanksgivings, helping kids do homework (without completely taking it over), and we get a book review from Corey.

11 Dec 2015 #San Antonio #Star Wars #Parents #Homework

Episode 2 - Back to the Force Awakens at Luminaria

Movies with kids in the theatre. A review of Hotel Transylvania 2. Are we taking kids to see Star Wars Episode VII? What order should we watch the Star Wars movies? Luminaria in San Antonio, The Bexar County Bibliotech has subscriptions. Dad Jokes.

21 Oct 2015 #San Antonio #Children's Technology #Children's activities #Festivals #Star Wars #Back To the Future